Collection: Industrial Boots

When it comes to working in industrial environments, having the right footwear is crucial. Our collection of industrial boots offers a range of features designed to keep you safe and comfortable on the job.

All of our industrial boots are CSA approved and meet ASTM standards, so you can trust that they have been rigorously tested for quality and safety.

One of the most important features of our industrial boots is their puncture resistance. The CSA green triangle patch on our steel toe boots indicates sole puncture protection with Grade 1 Protective toe to withstand impacts up to 125 joules. Our sole puncture protection can withstand a force of not less than 1200 Newtons (270 pounds), ensuring that your feet are protected from sharp objects and debris.

In addition to puncture resistance, our industrial boots are also electric shock resistant. The CSA White rectangle with orange Greek letter omega (Ω) indicates soles that provide resistance to electric shock. Such certified work boots contain a sole and heel design assembly that, at the point of manufacturing, has electrical insulating properties to withstand 18,000 Volts and a leakage current not exceeding 1mA for 60 seconds. This feature is particularly important for those working in electrical or high-voltage environments.

All of our industrial boots come with a protective toe cap to protect your toes from impact or compression. This feature is especially important in environments where heavy objects may be dropped or where there is a risk of crushing.

Our boots are made from durable materials to withstand the wear and tear of daily use in industrial environments. You can trust that our boots will last, even under the most demanding conditions.

Comfort is also a top priority when it comes to our industrial boots. Our boots are designed to provide a comfortable fit, with features such as padded collars and insoles to cushion your feet and reduce fatigue.

Finally, all of our industrial boots feature slip-resistant outsoles, providing excellent traction and reducing the risk of slips and falls on slick or uneven surfaces.

Choose from our collection of industrial boots to find the perfect pair for your workplace needs.