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Why does the sole of my leather shoes come off after being in storage?

Rubber soles are held onto your shoes with a special glue called cyanoacrylate shoe glue. Its designed specifically to hold the sole of your shoe together. Its also more commonly known as Super Glue. The big risk when using Super Glue for your shoes is that it may dry out if not given exposure to the moisture in the air. If your shoes spend a lot of time in a closet or a locker with no airflow, the glue holding the soles onto the uppers will dry out, effectively “unsticking them”. That’s when the outsole falls off. The best way to prevent this happening to your shoes or boots is to just air the shoes out and put them on once in a while. As long as you’re getting use out of your work boots, the outsole glue will remain intact and you’ll get a much longer life out of them.

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