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What works better for longer hikes, Heavier or Lighter Weight Shoes and why?

The most important thing to do before going on any hike is to research the trail and prepare effectively. Look up the trail before setting out. If it is a more difficult trail, maybe one with slippery and rocky ground involved, heavier shoes are our recommendation. They will keep you weighed down and sturdier, meaning it will be easier to keep upright, especially in mud. 

If the trail you're considering is longer but easier, like a walking trail, lighter shoes may be more suited to the task. Because they're less punishing to wear for long periods, they're better used for longer, but lighter walks where their more comfortable to wear than the heavy duty shoes. 

Make sure when hiking to prepare accordingly. Wear sun protection, bring lots of water, and of course make sure to wear proper footwear. If you're looking for a solid set of hiking shoes, take a look at Mooselog Tiger Safety Men's Waterproof Hiking Shoes Explore.