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How do I stretch boot calves at home?

Are your boots a little too tight for your liking? Don't worry, there is a fix for that without having to replace the pair entirely. If you can borrow or purchase a device aptly titled a "Boot Calf Stretcher", you'll be able to expand the fit of your boots by quite a bit, with a little patience. 

A Boot Calf Stretcher is used by inserting it into the boot. Then you turn the handle until it won't expand any further, fitting it snugly inside the boot. Leave it in for 12 hours, probably overnight. Then, remove it and try the boot on. It should be stretched out a little bit and will hopefully fit better. If its still too tight, the process can be repeated. 

Keep in mind this process doesn't work if the boot is more than a little bit too tight. Stretching the leather too far could result in damage to the boot, but if you're just looking for a little wiggle room then this process will do you well. 

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