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Benefits of Full Grain Leather Boots?

When looking for a winter boot that will serve your needs, materials that make them up are a crucial point of consideration. With MooseLog, the standard material for the uppers of your work boots is a premium, full grain leather. This means several things, and it's good to know what your boots are made out of before making the purchase. 

Easy Care

This specific type of leather needs little to no attention to maintain its style and durability. Just by giving it a wipe down now and again, you’ll be doing enough to protect your boots from any type of build-up. Keeping them in a room lacking airborne moisture will help them from stiffening up. Other than that, any boots made of full-grain leather will do perfectly fine.

Never Gets Old

Full Grain Leather does age, but as it does it gets more colourful and textured. The longer you’re able to maintain one pair of boots, the more stylish they’ll be. Full grain leather is subject to gaining a patina, changing it's colour to be darker and more matured. 


The makeup of this material means that any boots made with it can hold their own against damage. They’re hardy and strong, solidifying the fact that you’ll be able to have them for a long time. 


The leather we use here at MooseLog has sealed seams, meaning every boot equipped with it has full waterproofing. Any moisture from the outside, whether it be puddles, rain, or anything else, will have immense trouble getting inside. 


Compared to most man-made materials, you’ll find full grain leather to be better fitted for airflow. Allowing air through the outer layers of the boots will be helpful due to its temperature control, odour control, and antibacterial properties. 

Full Grain Leather is the standard for any boots you’ll buy at MooseLog, and we go to great lengths to ensure it is top-of-the-line and sturdy enough to keep up with your schedule, while still being a good looking option. 

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