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Why You Should Buy MooseLog/Tiger Safety Boots

Whether your current work boots are wearing out or you’re starting a new job on a worksite, finding high-quality craftsmanship with the Canadian brand is simple. Mooselog and Tiger Safety work boots were born and designed in Toronto, Look no further for your next pair.


How can you tell if work boots are Canadian Standard Association approved?

You can check the shoe tongue labels which show the grading number and Protective Footwear CSA seal.  If the label mentions grade 1 protection, you are getting quality safety grades boots. Grade 2 protection is also good for lighter worksites.  The tongue labels also show the CSA certified manufacture code in M/C# 241223 and where it is made.


CSA Label


Why buy Canadian Brand work boots?

Investing in a pair of Canadian brand work boots comes with a number of benefits. Your money goes right back into the local economy and its working families, and you won’t have to worry about high prices for shipping or returns when your boots are sourced locally. The quality of these boots is also much more likely to last you a long time compared to a cheaper pair.


Are Canadian Brand work boots more expensive?

Canadian brand work boots can work out slightly higher in cost than ones of a company overseas. Mooselog/Tiger Safety pride on providing the highest quality leather/textiles and craftsmanship. This goes alongside the fact all money earned is going towards the wages of employees here in Canada rather than being sent overseas.

If you have the means, a pair of Canadian brand work boots could bring you many years of wear. By buying local, you’ll also enjoy the best customer service through fast communication and delivery time for your next day work and avoid expensive international delivery fees and transaction fees.

If you’re looking for a pair of local, CSA approved work boots, look no further than Tiger Safety work boots. With durable materials and quality tested protection, you’ll rest easy knowing your that much safer on the job.

 If you're looking to get yourself a pair of Mooselog/Tiger Safety boots, you can start by looking at Men's 8" Steel Toe Work Boots 3088

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