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The features for Tiger Safety Work Safety Boots 3088

Tiger Safety Work Safety Boots 3088 are 8” work boots with a square upper and a steel toe cap. They’re perfect for heavy-duty work because of their large surface area of protection and CSA approval.

  • Heavy duty steel toe cap, providing ease of mind regarding impact and weight applied to the ends of your boots.
  • PU/TPU outsole, so the bottoms of your feet will be protected and any weight will be distributed equally.
  • Premium Full Grade Leather Upper, meaning the boots are durable and damage resistant while still being easy to take care of.
  • An inner lining consisting of an air mesh, meaning any moisture that sneaks its way past the water-resistant outer layering will be dealt with efficiently.

Safety Boots 3088 are tall, strong work boots with a focus on getting the job done. They’ll be able to provide you with protection for a long time if properly maintained. Take a look at getting a pair to keep yourself safe.

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