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Reviews of Tiger Safety Boots

Men's Steel Toe Work Boots 5925

“Got these to replace a pair of Dolphin brand safety footwear I also purchased on amazon. Unlike the pair these replaced they are actually super comfy and the steel cap is not smaller than the actual boot. I ordered a 13 wide and it fit perfectly so i am very happy with this purchase. When i ordered dolphin their sizes were all screwed up so it wasRead more about review stating Excellent quality and comfort. a gamble on if i was ordering the correct size, on top of the fact that i am ordering footwear online in the first place. These Tiger boots seem to be great quality and it is a pleasure to wear and stand in them for ~10 hours in a day. They also include some extra inserts to put under the insole and raise it up a couple millimeters if necessary. Seems insignificant but i appreciate the consideration and actually did put them in.” – Chimera, 05/14/21

“I purcased a pair of the black ones about 3 months ago and wear them almost every day for most of the day. I have found the fit, comfort and quality much so that I have just purchased a pair of the brown coloured ones.” – JD, 02/01/21

“They fit better then expected for the price. Pretty darn comfy. Easy to slip on. Going to order another pair for next year, love that there is no laces so they don't burn up when welding” - Jason D., 08/08/20


Men's Steel Toe Work Boots 3055

“Super Comfortable. Just received the boot wore them only a I cannot comment on the durability, but they are super confortable and I really like them...hopefully they will last a while.” – Denise D., 07/01/20

“I got these 2 days ago and have worn them 12 hours each day. They feel great and I’ve experienced no pain or discomfort breaking them in. I typically wear a size 9 (in between 9.5) and they fit perfect. Just loose enough that I can tie them properly while still feeling free and able to move my foot around in the boot. I can’t rate durability as I’ve only had them 2 days but so far I’ve put them through the paces and have no complaints. I would strongly recommend these especially for the price point.” – Shovelhead, 06/08/20

“I wear these shoes almost 6 days a week and till now i'm satisfied with them. It looks good and moreover these are super comfortable. I personally recommended these shoes to mine friends and evern they are happy with this purchase” – Jashan S., 05/15/20


Men's Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boots 7666

“I work as a traffic control flagger so I'm on my feet a minimum of eight hours a day on hard surfaces and these boots have been great. You know how after a long day at work you can't wait to take your boots off? I often forget to with these because they don't hurt my feet. Fit is perfect, well made with quality materials, slip resistance is superb, and they arrived quickly. I can't comment on the water resistance aspect as I haven't dealt with that much yet, but the construction and materials give me confidence that they should do the job. Would highly recommend.” – Rob.S, 06/28/20

“This product arrived very early to my pleasant surprise and the quality seems to be great! They are very comfortable and as far as I’ve tested are truly waterproof. Only had it for a week or so but so far so good!” – Tyler, 05/10/10

“Videos expected very comfortable easy to clean on well-constructed well ventilated. Definitely buying these again.” – Anonymous, 02/27/20

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