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How to Clean Work Boots

We all know the importance of maintenance when referring to any safety equipment, including your footwear. Knowing how to clean and protect your work shoes is going to help you stay safe and comfortable while also letting you not need to purchase a new pair nearly as often. The hardest part of the whole process is getting started, so here’s some tips and tricks to help you make those boots shine like they’re brand new!

When cleaning the outside of the boot, first see how messy they are. If you’re looking at an easy job, maybe wiping some mud or grime off, using a damp cloth or brush will do just fine. But if the job is more daunting than that and you have a real task ahead of you, you might need a dedicated cleaning product. Before applying your leather cleaner make sure to wipe as much thick grime off the boots as possible. After that you can just apply the cleaner and wipe the boots down. If the grime is particularly bad you may want to let the cleaning solution soak for a while.

If you need to clean the inside of your boots, first you can know that your insoles are most likely machine washable. As long as your conscious of them, you can put those in the washing machine and air dry them afterwards. The inside of your boots should be cleaned with a cloth that has been dampened and some shampoo. Clean out the shampoo with a second damp cloth, then wipe the inside with a dry one. Then, let them airdry as well, preferably upside down so as to let moisture out.

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