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Do CSA Boots Expire?

If properly taken care of, CSA approved work footwear can last for years on end. But with all the things they protect you from, maintaining them is important for making sure you can continue using them. While boots don’t have an officially recognized lifespan or expiry date, recognizing the signs of damage on your work boots is just as important as knowing those would be. 

Some signs of deterioration on your work boots may include worn out soles, holes or tears in any of the materials, dents in the toe caps, or moisture leaking in if your footwear is supposed to be waterproof. If any of these things are occurring, you should not wear those boots on the site again. Instead, use a substitute until you can get yours repaired or replaced. There are many shoe stores that also do repairs, so find a local supplier and take your shoes in for an evaluation if you’re concerned about the safety of continued use. 

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